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Reportáž o dopravnej nehode

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Žiaci II. A sa v rámci hodiny angličtiny zahrali na novinárov a mali pripraviť reportáž o dopravnej nehode. Tu je výsledný článok v podaní Liliany Hallovej, Daše Igazovej, Kristíny Kluvancovej, Marka Durzu, Andreja Gála, Timoteja Galla a Ignáca Ballu.


Hundreds of chickens beloved by a Muslim woman killed and grilled after a car crash

After a detailed research, it has been found out that there was a car crash between a poultry lorry and a moving company van. As an indirect result of the accident, hundreds of chickens were found dead and grilled at a grill party located near the crash site.


            According to the testimony of the lorry driver, a Muslim woman named Kris, the accident happened in the middle of nowhere when the van appeared behind her vehicle. “I was driving my lorry when, suddenly, I heard the sound of wings flying around my head. My cage man must have forgotten to lock the chickens in their cages. I pushed the breaks to the floor and, unfortunately, I heard a bang. I’ve been accused of being drunk but, believe me, I’m a Muslim and have never tasted an alcoholic drink. I’m totally sober. My whole family is now far away and the only joy I had left in my life were my chickens. I was taking care of them whole day, whole night, reading them fairy-tales… I saw them hatch, I was watching their first steps. Today, I wanted to take them on a holiday. Now I’m depressed. Just one thing is left, one photo on my nightstand.”

            The van driver Andy said that the car crash happened near the village. “I was driving my van when I saw a lorry in front of me. The driver’s behaviour was weird and suspicious, she was waving her hands, and she suddenly drove to the other side of the road. I wasn’t able to stop. What she said, that I was behind her, is a nonsense. I didn’t hit the back of her lorry.”

            However, Iggy, the witness, said it happened under a hill. “I was enjoying my grill party, but then I heard some screaming and I run to the road and there it was. Hundreds of chickens ready to be grilled. I called my friend and we picked the strongest, fattest and finest ones. They were delicious. Even our dogs really enjoyed this rich feast. Suddenly, the grass caught fire and all of the chickens were grilled in a natural way.”

            The police officer assigned to the case, Mr. Timotej, explained the situation in  following way: “As I see it, the driver with the chickens has a social disorder caused by separation from her family. She wasn’t drunk, she just fell asleep. That’s the reason why she doesn’t remember the van in front of her. The alcohol test showed, though, that the witness was totally drunk. It wasn’t the driver’s fault. However, the soup my by Iggy, the witness, was really delicious.”

            So the question is: Why didn’t the chickens fly away when they saw Iggy grilling their friends? Were they annoyed with Kris taking that much care of them? It seems that this question will remain unresolved forever.

(text: Mgr. Martina Juričková )

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